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A subforum about performance and, as usual, just about adding pówer.

I get it:

1. it is the american way (tongue in cheek)

2. it is the usual way

However.... this is the MR2  Spyder forum and this car has the deliberataly engineered essence of nimbleness. More power does not make a car more nimble, at best only fáster, usueally also heavier if the same rigidity/ roadholding/ braking is to be maintained; note ´maintained´. The choice of engine too is a serious ponter of which direction tuning for speed 

Thus I think a lightness thread is well and truely warrented. If anything more that the power side. So; The Líght Side.

Me being a long time motorcycle racer; long time life style motorbike rider in Europe, raised with small capacity ´lightweight´ such, it was and is my universe. Having nóóó money, it was cheapest too. Very much like the US WW2 vets coming back from the war and ´tune´ the army surplus Harleys by chopping all but the essentials off, giving rise to the ´chopper´ cult.

In cars it was different. Well same thing but originating from the drag strip. Deleting all but the essentials is for free and also makes the car quicker. 

Back to me in Europe though where I matured with first british and later mostly italian bikes. Just about wore through the pages of Tuning for Speed, soaked up all about the Francis Beart prepaired bikes and the ´simplify, then add lightness´  filosophy.

Decades of racing later my life changes course. No more racing risk taking. Speaking of risks and racing it makes me feel áncient: I consciously experienced the change most today are not aware of. From when racing as dangerous and sex was safe to the present. Late eighties aids changed sex and it coïncided with the banning of temporary roád circuits. From the lightness of life to the politically correct within a decade.

Forward in time, back to the subject find me with the kid grown up, living in the mountainous andalucian heartland ´commuting´ between charming companions. Time for a nimble sports car before I need a nurse to shoehorn me in and out of it. Enter the MR2 Spyder.

My lightness ocd matches perfectly with the essence of the car ánd with the strict periodic inspections.

I have deleted stuff. Frunk things, rear cubbies, explosive bags, p.a.s., sound system, carpet et al. Also mounted lighter wheels and bucket seats.

Am now at 900 kilos ready to drive and it has transformed the car. It is as much faster as it is quicker through corners, brakes harder.; all ypu´d expect from adding lightness.

Not much more I can do. Carbon bonnet and trunk lid are simply too expensive and plastic windows too unpractical. 

NÓW we get to today: In quarantain for three weeks now and my mind spinning around adding lightness.

Have replacing the two unsightly M8 bolts on the manifold heat shield on the agenda so ordered stupidly expensive lighter ones. Same thing the three visible M6 ones on the valve cover.

No, not going on a lightweight bolt replacing spree as on a 900 kilo car that is 9 times less effective as on a 100 kilo motorbike, BUT.... still have that lightness ocd bee in my bonnet withhout distraction.  Aaarrrgh!!!!!








Posted : April 4, 2020 7:48 pm
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Weight does make a difference.  My Spyder has a CF hood & trunk, and fiberglass fenders & bumpers, so the only steel parts are the chassis, doors, and drivetrain.


Mono Craft GT-300 with a few upgrades...

Posted : April 4, 2020 8:05 pm
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@neomr2  if only the cf bonnet & trunk were dollar priced and without the prohibitive shipping. At $ price, no stupid shipping I´d even contemplate the windscreen! but alas.

No hope on second hand either.



Posted : April 4, 2020 9:03 pm
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The Spyder has been referred to as a 4 wheeled motorcycle and

simply just take the frunk hood and deck lid off like they do on hot rods.

Posted : April 8, 2020 12:19 am
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Consider Lithium-ion to replace the lead-acid battery.  Mine weighs 3 lbs, though the car is not driven in the Winter

Posted : April 8, 2020 5:11 pm
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Good suggestion.

Gone up that track since ... well, since computers and battery back-ups for the memory. Have gone LiFe since that became availeble. There´s an 800 gramms in the back of De Kikker.

Yesterday saved a whopping 26 gramms!!! 🤣 🤣 

Replaced the two rusty bolts and washers on the manifold heat shield with something nicer. Did the three visible bolts on the valve cover too. ONLY for the aesthetics but still... it ís lighter 😘




Posted : April 9, 2020 10:42 am
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The mathematics of tuning for speed:

A well known quote attributed to Colin Chapman goes; ´Adding power makes a car accellerate faster, adding lightness makes it go faster everywhere´.
We should add brake better to that.

Ofcourse the one does not exclude the other but they can also be in conflict when adding power means adding weight. In that case extra power lowers cornering speed and adds braking distance. For those who don´t understand that; look up ´tyre load sensitivity´.

When exchanging thoughts about it; that every extra kilo lost is a larger % of gain whereas every hp added is a smáller % of gain (even if it does not add weight), Jason put it brilliantly and I want to share that with you:

´Reducing weight is like compound interest working in your favor.
Adding power = law of diminishing returns.´

I lóve it.

Thus will have another look at the a/c as that urgently needs regassing. Ditto speak with the local glass fitters about a polycarbonate windscreen and fingers crossed a Bulgarian carbon panel maker can do something for bonnet/ rear deck.

Meanwhile out cycling twice daily for the personal weight reduction effort 🤣 🤣 


Posted : May 11, 2020 9:49 am
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