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Adding some Blinker Fluid to the STi

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When I'm not able to work on my most loved vehicle's project, I sometimes slip in a small / quick mod to my daily driver.  This time, I'm adding some sequential LED side mirror lights to my STi.  They replace the stock ones and are really simple to install.  I filmed this a few months ago and finally got around to editing it and throwing it up on the You Tubes.  If you've seen any of my other videos on there, you may notice a few new / different things in this one.  Most of the differences are with tech upgrades to my video equipment.  I'm also more in front of the camera and I'm gradually becoming slightly less boring/stiff/dull.  It's quite a struggle for me to not completely stink when I'm on camera.


Anyway, here's the video.  If you are interested in a simple cosmetic and safety mod on the STi, check it out:


I will eventually have a series of videos on my engine (and other parts) project in the MR-S.  I've been filming a good bit as I've been doing things.  But, that won't be done until I'm either really close to the finish line or already past it.  Otherwise, there would be large gaps of time between videos in a series.  And I can't treat my dozens of subscribers that badly.  hahaha.

Get your Short Antennas, Decals, and all sorts of goodies at:

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And I always thought "Blinker Fluid" was a scam!!!

"Think as we think", say many Spyder owners, "or you are abominably wicked, you are a toad". After I'd thought about, I said "I will then, be a toad."
Thank you, Stephen Crane

Posted : February 23, 2022 8:51 pm
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