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Worst MR2 Spyder article to date...

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It would be nice if Toyota still had the balls to release a car on their own platform without resorting to collaboration.  If they did, I would own a 2020 supra right now instead of a 2020 STi.  But Big T is a bit too practical and focusing only on ROI.  It's a business after all.  So I can't really be mad about it.  but I will just choose to spend money on the good things that come out.  So far, I will be saving a lot of cash.

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Posted : February 12, 2021 10:50 pm
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Disappointments I had to swallow this last year... my MKIV supra was equally junk to all others, the hype is too much for any one car including the bmw. I was seriously looking at a GT350 until I test drove one. It was too slow, Many more cars disappointed me lately. My DD did that to me. 


These kind of articles are just click bait. 

Posted : February 13, 2021 3:09 am
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