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it has been 20 years

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Well, it is May. Spring is in the air. 20 years ago (yes another anniversary), I rode home smelling the spring air in my brand-new convertible a 2004 MR2 Spyder. What a stellar car this was and is. Other than being a bit louder inside with the roof up and a bit creakier, it still drives like a roller coaster car on rails. I did most of the maintenance on it over the years  with Galo and a few modifications that were tasteful and performance enhancing. Not a powerful engine but enough to toss about and scare yourself just a little in the twisty roads that it was made for. I must say that after 20 years it does not pull my heart as much anymore (certainly not as much as my bike) so I drive it less. Life has given it some dings and a rear passenger ¼ panel that needs to be fixed replaced. Headlights are that dull plastic look from years in the sun. but man is it still a hoot to drive and it is satisfying to work on.

            I used to keep a detailed car log, but entries are now few and far between hear are some of the highlights


2005 rear ended by a church van. The car can go from 60mph to zero in less than 120 feet church van’s cannot. New back plastics end no frame damage

2006 ran through the OEM (original equipment Manufacturer) Bridgestone 040s so put on a set of Toyo T1Rs (I still have the original spare need to get that changed out as it is rubbish). These got replaced in 2011 for a set of Bridgestone RE11s (best tire ever) they got discontinued and these were replaced in 2021 with Yokohama  S-drives as I recall.

2007 Installed a undercarriage breast plate for added stability

2008 Installed brass transmission bushing and a now super rare TRD quick-shifter for magnificently notchy shifting.

2009 added a front strut tower bar for even more stability.

2012 added stainless steel brake lines.

Cosmetically I rebadged the car with JDM badging (what the cars in Japan were badged with) changed out the leather shift nob for a nice metal ball (red of course) + a new sift sock red and black leather. Leather seats (red and black) custom JDM door inserts.

Of course, all fluid changes and wearable parts were changed out along the way MT90 transaxle oil. Castrol European GC A3 rated oil, Toyota pink or red coolant  and Toyota Dot3 brake fluid.

Worst job of all changing the air filter it is in a terrible place to get to no way to do without cutting up your hands and swearing a lot. Hardest job was replacing the water pump getting it off the engine no big deal getting it out of the engine bay and the new one back in Fing Jenga.

I really tried to drive the car in only top-down weather. That is the whole point of the car in my opinion. I have had winter tires on it a few seasons, but I do not bother with that anymore as If the primary car is on the fritz would rather just call an uber LOL. As I approach 86,000 miles (all but 7 of those by my clan) which is when I need to change the oil, I expect my next oil chain will be far, far away as the oil is good for 10K. will see if I still have it in 2044. I can tell you I might be able to get in it but doubtful I would be able to get out of it without some help

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Hey, T-Bone!  Great to hear from you again.  I appreciated reading your twenty year anniversary write-up.  My 2003 040 Super White spyder is pretty much a garage queen these days and usually only gets out for car show participation and short little jaunts, just to occasionally stretch its legs. My grandson, who is presently 13 reminds me on occasion that when he was about 5 he asked me for the Spyder when I die and that he still wants it.  It has become an ongoing family laugh -- and yes, it is understood that upon my demise, he gets the Spyder. 😎

How is your garden this year?  We have made a lot of revisions over the lasts couple of years.  The change that inspired and opened the door for a multitude of changes was when we removed (had removed) the 15 queen palms that come on our quarter acre lot.  Once they were gone, all kind of other great garden renovations began.  

Posted : May 21, 2024 12:59 am
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HI UM Garden is smaller this year with mostly tomatoes going to plant up some squash and do some landscaping this weekend 🙂

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Great write-up T-bone!  I should really try to update my site with more stuff. maybe later.  haha

Get your Short Antennas, Decals, and all sorts of goodies at:

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Love the pics of the gurlz!

"Think as we think", say many Spyder owners, "or you are abominably wicked, you are a toad". After I'd thought about, I said "I will then, be a toad."
Thank you, Stephen Crane

Posted : May 23, 2024 5:16 pm