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Hey quick question. Did you change something recently? Now when I click on a thread it goes to the first UNREAD post rather than just the last post. This was hugely frustrating as I had to scroll up and go back pages sometimes and now it works as it should and it's delightful.

Yes.  🙂

I routinely install updates to the forum software and various other plugins.  That was a bug, IMHO, with the previous software and now it's finally fixed.  I will be trying to gradually add anything that makes the site better to use and enjoyable for everyone.


Thanks for the kind words, Dev.

 I also noticed that there has been more continuous improvement to the forum. Well done.  I know you and Patrick are not on the forum as much but Im happy that you guys are making the forum better everyday and with the right kinds of upgrades. 

 If you notice our membership has kind of stalled as it's creeping in slowly but that also means we no longer have fake spam accounts which is great.  I did some badly needed housekeeping and so far Im loving this board.  When I go on Spyderchat to answer for sales posts I just stoped reading the threads and just conduct business because its hard on the eyes. 


Yep.  I haven't been on there in ages.  Luckily, I get an email notification if someone PM's me.  Right now, all of my business is done through my website.  I'll answer support stuff on here and I'll reply to people's PM's on SC, but I don't go there for anything else.  it has really taken a dive.

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Posted : April 7, 2020 7:44 pm
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