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JDM motor with turbo? Stock out of Japan?  

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Chance to Purchase, Rear clip of a Spyder with an installed turbo, supposedly out of Japan I've checked here and tried to look on line. The only "factory" turbo I find is the TTE. I can rebuild and work on these cars, but I've yet to venture into the turbo arena. Need some info before I invest. What I'm getting from what little I find, is that it is an installed turbo and no user interface component. No option to chnage boost, air removed link The Mini Cooper turbo just works when you want it to. Assuming it's similar. Should it just plug and play into my 2002 5 speed? Comes with the trans as well. I've looked and tried to call places with NO luck. I'm not lazy or cheap. Just finished a 350z motor rebuild, worked on this Spyder for awhile, now I'd like to install this new motor and just enjoy the ride for awhile without constantly waiting on the next thing.

Clip includes everything (ECU), came off RHD car. Current motor in my Spyder has a horrible ring issue on one cylinder so I need to replace the motor.

Posted : July 17, 2020 8:49 am