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Letting the old forum software go (Update)

The previous community forum was left for dead. I take responsibility for this since it was my baby and my responsibility to keep it alive and well. While it is still accessible, it is littered by spam accounts and their respective posts(Lots of Adult content and pharmaceuticals, most of which are in Russian). Because of this, I took the liberty of building a new, better, and more secure forum that can be found at

Along with the new forum, I will be rolling out some security updates. I will also be adding ways for all of the users to add content to the community.

First, though, go and register for the forum.


Old forum link Р    I warned you.

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  1. pwnzor

    Thank God for this.

    1. DesertWanderer

      Amen to “Thank God For This!” My support will be given.

  2. Cale


    I don’t know if this will be seen, but I am having a hard time finding a contact for the site admin.

    I’m trying to register an account for the forums but the site is not accepting my email address, I am getting a failure prompt telling me to type in my email address which has already been typed?

    Thanks for any assistance you can render please.

    1. LordTakuban


      It seems like maybe there is another error happening with your registration attempt and the error message is just wrong. I haven’t heard of this issue before. And there are new registrations. So the form should be working. Are all other fields filled out when you submit?

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