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Tightening the ragtop latches

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I know this has been covered before, but I took some pictures and tried to get measurements.  Maybe it will help somebody.

If you need your latches to pull the top tighter to the windshield frame, you can disassemble the latch and get some extra travel (pulling the top down tighter).

The latch can be disassembled without removing from the car.   Pry the round push-nut off using a small screwdriver.  Try not to mangle it so you can reinstall it when you’re finished.

Pull the pin (that had the push nut installed) and remove the pivoting hook arms and barrel adjuster.

Unthread the parts of the barrel adjuster and start grinding.


There seem to be three limits you get by cutting on things.  #1 is the least amount of extra travel.  #3 is the most extra travel.

1.  Grind the adjuster barrel to about 1.12 inch overall length.   This will get you about .08 inch extra travel.

2. Grind the adjuster barrel to about 1.08 inch overall length.  To take advantage of the shorter barrel, you also need to grind the tip of the reverse-thread bolt. (Because it will bottom out inside the adjuster barrel if you don’t).  I didn’t measure how much to grind the end of the bolt.  Just thread it into the barrel and see if it bottoms out.  If so, grind a little more.  This will get you about .12 inch extra travel.

3. Grind both parts as above, but also extend the length of the slots.  If you keep grinding the tip of the reverse-thread bolt, you will eventually exceed the range of the slots.  To get extra travel, you’ll need to lengthen the slots (on the meaty end of course).


Break the edges of the threads on the barrel adjuster with a countersink tool.  They’ll have shards that will make it hard to thread the reverse-thread bolt.

I re-used the push nuts.  If they’re too bent, you can flatten them with pliers for more bite.


Pry off the push nut

6D1FEDD2 92EA 4EFE BE24 D438CFDC236A

Remove the pin

0BE62A50 691E 444A 8A98 E6119DC074D0

The pivot hook arms

7796DC6F 3507 4609 A568 462A7FC3A2FE

The barrel adjuster

CED63BEC DB84 4A51 A4B1 2F45AB6245CF

Adjuster barrel before and after trimming

A3B01AA7 8A5C 40C5 A59A 5D208823A128

Break the sharp edges of the threads

93CA6DDD 36D8 46E1 B6E8 93E96196483E

Trimming the end of the reverse-thread bolt (so it won’t bottom out inside the barrel adjuster)

0178DA31 BA69 4619 83D7 E82A984F3965

Extend the length of the slot cutout to get the maximum travel

(I did a sloppy job, but it seemed to work fine)

2ECE00E1 A389 4035 8B66 66D1FA0E9360

Add a little grease in the tracks to make the latch work more smoothly

5EB07DE1 6D05 4D5F A74A 8FF6710DCC42









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Thank you cyclehead for taking the time to photograph and write-up this fix for the community.  This is very much appreciated.  

Posted : November 18, 2020 7:03 pm
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