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(SOLD) 2001 silver 2ZZ/C66 with LSD 176k chassis for $8.5k

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At the beginning of this year I bought a 2ZZ/C66 swapped 2001 silver Spyder from a longtime Spyderchat forum goer, vendor, and sponsor; the original ad is at Sold 01 Spyder 2ZZ C66 LSD 1D0 Silver Coilovers 175k... I haven't been driving it much since then, so I'm offering it up for sale. Apart from what's listed there, I've made the following changes:

  • Changed the suspension back to stock using used stock springs and new KYB GR-2s and mounts/strut bearings/bellows; I still have the Fortune Auto 510 coilovers and would be willing to throw them in as part of the deal.
  • Changed the transmission fluid to Amsoil GL4 75w90, and it now downshifts very smoothly
  • Bought an extra set of 14" wheels with ancient Falken tires for winter storage
  • Had a custom single-exit exhaust installed using a Borla ProXS muffler and a high-flow cat; it sounds pretty deep now and flows pretty well, letting the 2ZZ breathe while not droning or stinking up the air (seriously, it smelled pretty bad even from within the car in traffic).
  • Added roughly 1k in mileage

Recent pictures are at MR2 Spyder pictures and VIN tags - Google Drive .
Car is located in Cambridge, MA, and parked indoors most of the time. It did catch some rain a few weeks ago and I can confirm that the top doesn't leak and the drains (after a bit of clearing out) work just fine.

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Spyderless (for now?)

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