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Field Engineer Story

Jan 2019
Role of a field engineer in the telecom industry:

A field engineer has a crucial role in maintaining telecommunication systems as they are responsible for planning, installing, testing, and maintaining the equipment to run a proper communication network. Their general duties include the maintenance and repair of equipment and construction of towers to ensure optimal performance. A telecom engineer’s job involves the use of various tools such as interconnect devices, network facilities, and radios. A field engineer also works with engineers from other fields for equipment installation and then report to the upper management.

A telecom field engineer should have some experience with telecommunication systems and at least a two-year degree for telecommunication field technician jobs. Telecom field engineering is a very demanding job because they have to work long hours and have to show up as soon as they receive a call when they’re not on the job. A field engineer also needs to work in high-stress scenarios and repair the equipment till the service is restored.

Field engineers in telecommunications play a key role in maintaining communications systems, and are responsible for installing, testing, and maintaining equipment such as base transceiver stations (GSM PCS) to run wireless systems.

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