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New Vendor Registration & Commercial Sales


Nov 2016
Gaining Access and the ability to post a Thread:
  • There are no vendor fees for registering as a vendor or selling your items.
  • All new vendors must request access(The ability to create new threads is limited by permissions set on the server, so even if you try to create a thread, it won't let you until you have been explicitly granted these rights).
  • If, over time, you gain a bad reputation do to mishandled transactions, shotty products, etc. your abilities to start new threads and sell your items will be revoked until you can prove you can responsibly resolve any prior issues.
  • These permissions have not been set to prevent you from selling your items, but rather to help keep the forums safe, clean, and clear of unwanted postings, vendors, threads being posted in the wrong places, etc.
  • You may request access from any current and active Moderator. 
  • All users will have the ability to respond to threads within the Sales sub-forum.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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