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Solved the dog bones enigma

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The TRD Sportivo kit came with spacers to go between the subframe and chassis.
Toyota listed them as for ´roll centre correction´.
That caused no end of confusion as the springs lowering the car lówer the rollcentres and the spacers ádd to that. I think I ended that now 😎

I already concluded some time ago that they were rollcentre túning but had little to argument that.

Now I have fitted the Spotivo legs and have found that the front is lowered more than the rear,.
Also the rear springs are 65% stiffer wheras the front are 35% stiffer, meaning the dynamic ride hight is more so still.

Ergo the front roll centre is lowered more than the rear.
The proof of the dog bones is in the lowering: They balance the rear roll centre with the front one.

So; for anyone who created some rake: fit the spacers.

Topic starter Posted : October 30, 2020 8:51 pm