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High Carbon Rotors

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 I learn something new every time I work on my cars. 

 Apparently there is a newer kind of rotor option I never heard of called high carbon that is available for most cars now including our car.  Its nice to hear about these kind of advancements that improve braking performance for the masses unlike the ridiculous prices for exotic ceramic rotors. 

 The composition of the iron is different and has some benefits. 

 1. Better heat dissipation and cooling 

 2. Better damping to make brakes quiet and less vibrations.

 3. Less pulsing from the brakes from rotors that get high sides that causes pulsing. 

 I paid the premium for these rotor for my other car  but I think its worth it if they give the benefits they claim. 




Topic starter Posted : April 14, 2021 12:14 pm