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@uncle-mush This tractor is hands off steering.  I still have to control the brakes and clutch at the end as well as picking up and setting down the planter (done by hydraulics).  We have an aftermarket GPS system in another tractor but you still have to steer it.  We use that GPS for spraying to get better more even coverage.  The increased yields and less chemicals wasted paid for that system in the first year. 


On the beans, these were half runners and around $200 for the exact variety we did.  The only plants we buy are the strawberries of course.  Tomatoes, beans, peppers and cucumbers get started in the green houses.  Sweet corn, squash, and melons we plant as seed in the field.  The plants we start in the greenhouse have a month head start from where they would be if we planted seed in the ground, that gives us more of a growing season and we're only planting and fertilizing the plants that sprouted so there is very little re-planting.


On the other side, with our crops (soybeans and corn) we plant the seeds directly in the ground.  We use different varieties on different farms which have different maturity dates that we then use to kind of plan our harvesting, and some have different germination rates.  We use the germination rates to set the planter rate, for instance the beans I planted yesterday had a germination rate of 90%, so I had the planter set on 110,000 seeds per acre, which is the closest setting to 100k germinated seeds per acre.  This morning, I was planting some other beans with an 85% germination, so I changed the setting to 120,000 seeds per acre.

Posted : May 17, 2020 8:51 pm
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