1st Annual xbiker M...

1st Annual xbiker Memorial Meet...  

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Posted by: @phats
Posted by: @samxerxesn

My girlfriend has family in Indiana, so maybe I'll be able to come by as well!

Just don't let the GF drive your car .... the worst drivers either live or are from Indy-anna !  😉 

Tell that to KaM, phats...and here I thought you were getting better...you need a mint suppository to freshen your breath  😯 🙂 


And neo, come on down! You'll find some terrific roads, food and people...even if phats shows up 😉 😉 

I may set-up a route in the South Eastern quarter of the state(South of I70 to the Ohio River, and East of I65). There are many good driving roads and interesting places to eat. While this is possible, the normal route areas are South from Greencastle to Spencer to Bedford, then possibly further South to the West Baden Springs/French Lick area, and East from Bedford to Story. All this returns to Greencastle. A route extension could go North thru Nashville, then West to Bloomington. Anyway, there are many , good options to consider.

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Posted : 14/08/2019 7:20 pm
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