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80,001 today

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Wow is all I can say pulled into my work parking spot and noticed I just broke 80,000 miles. Too dark to take a proper picture and will likely be too dark when I leave this evening but will see if I can get a snap.

MRs Bone has the daily on an adventure today and the fresh dusting of snow means the bike paths are a hazard for my road bike so I fired up the Spyder for a rare two car day. Gotta say the New Yoko's were not a mess in the 20F range with snow and ice here and there. First real exposure to salt sadly but a better choice than ending up in a creek bed drowned clipped into a beautiful carbon frame road bike with flashy carbon wheels. New battery this year did not hurt (cannot believe my last one only lasted me 11 years LOL) should be warmer (and wetter) on the way home as we are moving up to the high 30s/40s for a day will see how cold wet feels. No worries it will NOT be rush hour:)


Should note there were 3 miles on the car when I first got in it. 33 after I finished the 24 hour test drive. Wife put on maybe a few hundred, Galo and a one other friend have maybe a combine 20. All the rest are me miles. Most of them great me miles  

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