2AR-FE swap for the Spyder  

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Unfortunately i don't really have good news for you on this. The MAF sensor is a different part and it also has a different bolt pattern so you would not be able to bolt it into the 2AR MAF pipe. Even if you did, the calibration would be way off. If you can modify the stock 1ZZ tune it could probably be made to work together but would only give you about 5-20hp depending on how restrictive the stock intake is. on the 2AR the MAF tube is about 12hp and on the 2GR is gives about 15hp.

The transmission may or may not bolt to the EB60, i haven't checked it but that does not matter that much since it mounts it in a different spot than stock. If it does bolt up you would need to make a new motor mount and at least some part of the intake and exhaust would have to change because their position would change. the coolant hoses may be close enough but may not be. that's why i did not check that stuff, it's too much work at that point to be worth an intermediate step.

The good news is once you get all the prep work done on the drivetrain, the swap genuinely can be done with only a weekend of downtime on the car if you can make the b-pipe in your own shop, otherwise add a day or two for the exhaust shop to get to it and you'll have a complete car. (you may want to check with the exhaust shop if they are willing and schedule an opening to be sure you don't have to wait there)

The parts are also available in separate kits so you can buy and accumulate them over time if that's what you're looking for.

Posted : 13/08/2019 8:00 am
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Once again, I thank you for taking the time to answer my super-newbie questions. My mental image looked pretty clean and workable! Only about twenty hours of duplicated effort and just a couple hundred bucks wasted on throw-away parts. Laugh. Please. It's funny. Or, as they say down here "aw, bless your heart..."

Without sounding [overly] whiny, I wish this stuff was a bit more modular like personal computers are -- they do have the same sorts of complications and incompatibilities, just not to the same degree. Although that is actually trending worse with computers too, not better. I think the underlying reason is the same: specificity and efficiency naturally preclude homogeneity and modularity. But I had to ask.

I should probably just stop hoping for that kind of thing anymore.

Does this black eye make my face look ugly?

Posted : 13/08/2019 2:22 pm
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$pecificity (intellectual property) and efficiency versus the BEAN counters opens a CAN-BUS full of worms

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