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Nov 2016
This was originally posted by T-Bone:

Ok here is the deal my back tires are nearing their end stock 040s of course. So I just spent about 3 hours on the dreaded search trying to learn some stuff. I still am not committed to any tire as of yet but I thought I would try to put some of what I have learndid in my Friday night of fun. Oh yes one more thing. I have a stock 04 with OEM wheels so Joes excellent thread was not as helpful as I have no desire to replace my wheels. So here I go

Lets start here

EDIT: http://www.tirerack....e.jsp?techid=51
Answers the question do I need new tires? (1-07-07)
Type: All-season steel belted radials 
(Yokohama's or Bridgestone's) (comparison)
Size: P185/55VR15 front, P205/50VR15 rear 
Model years 2003-05: P215/45VR16
Spare: Temporary, T125/70D16
Of note the link to the comparison of the Advans to the 040s is dead. My recollection is that the 040 are better in wet conditions but the advans are better dry. All in all pretty comparable ( AND NOT BAD CHOICES)
Type/Size: Aluminum alloy, 
15 x 6JJ front, 15 x 6.5 rear (2003-05: 16x7JJ rear)
Spare: Steel, temporary, 16 x 4.0 (Europe: full-sized)

All this is maybe gibberish to some but its pretty easy to follow if you read and take some time to understand the car. Front wheels on all cars are 15 inch tall with a 6-inch width. For 00-02 back wheels are 15 high and 6.5 inches wide. For us 03-05 guys and girls we have 16 inch tall wheels in the back that are 7 inches wide. This is important as it dictates the tires choice by limiting what tires will safely fit in the wheels. If you do not like your stock wheels please see jgglazes thread as it is the one for you.

Actually you should go there anyway as the calculator links are important. This is going to be long so go there to find them.

One term that is not common knowledge is tire offset. 

Offset for the rear is 45 

I have not found what the fronts are and have not measured yet. If some ones know let me know and I will add this information

quote: offset is the distance in mm from the center of the wheel that the inside of the hub is. positive numbers place the hub outside of center, and negative is inside of center. 

here is another thread cited in the Jglaze post 


Final link is Joes in the appearance forum shown above.

And address a funny reoccurring question: will these wheels fit? this was not my concern as I am using stock wheels but for those who want to know how much bling bling can be shoved under a spyder this is the link for you.

The doses and dont's

1) stagger: this refers to having wider tires on the back than the front 58% of the weight of the car is behind you and having equal width tires on the back will make the car prone to snap oversteer and disaster. The original number was 20 from 03-05 it was raised to 30. There is an opinion that this is not important and people keep say 205s all around. The overriding opinion is this is not a good idea unless you really know how to drive. What that means I do not know especially when polls show 90% of the people on the road think they are excellent drivers. I am not going to go this route no matter what I choose. If you do go this way I recommend track time in a safe location to get an idea of what you are up against.
2) Front width: many options but what is width doing? The more narrow the front tire width the more twitchy/responsive� the steering will be. A number of folks have expressed that the use of wider tires on the front smooths out the twitchyness making it more normal 215s are the fattest I have read about where people have not seriously complained 195s are about the same for most folks as the 185s so IMO I would go with either of these sizes. Thus if you are going to follow the 20-30 rule 185s make you need 205/215 in the back 195 you need 215/225s. 225 is basically the largest back tire that seems to fit both on the wheels and in the wheel wells. If you have modified suspension this will vary as will different wheels see the threads above for the details on this important issue. Back width of course will dictate how much tire touches the road and will reflect the power delivery from the axel. Its reflected in what is called the contact patch and that can be figured out thusly

Here is a quote as far as turn in, yes mine is less responsive, but i'm running 205's all around.......even the azenis with their razor sharp turn in felt less responsive in 205s than the 185 040s....i just chalked it up to increased tire width........ 

To find the area of the tires contact patch the following equation applies: 

Acp = Fv / Pt 

Acp is the area of the contact patch 
Fv is the vertical force on the tire (read: static weight on that one tire) 
Pt is the air pressure in that tire.

For people really concerned about this here is the equation to figure this out. Seems to me the Fv requires a scale or at least a good estimate on the weight on each tire. For me I am not so concerned about this I want to say as close to stock as possible.
3) aspect ratio this is the number that is after the width?
here is a link from yoko site good explanation + peeksures


going with larger tires will change weight and rolling diameter which will effect the accuracy of your speedometer. Altering the aspect ratio (lower for larger tires) minimizes this effect. 

quote: i was told to choose 225/40-16 over 225/45-16 for the better gearing (2zz w/ 5spd). 40 ok max width though
wouldent put bigger than 215s on stock wheels, youll get tread roll. .

Last warning
All tires will be loose at first due to mold release compounds that are on the tire to help it come out of the tire mold at the factory. These will wear off in about 100 miles and then the tire should exhibit its true characteristics. 

What this reads to me is disaster. Here you are with crap old tires you finally pony up the coin for new ones and off you go to test their limits. When you climb out of your wreck you say WTF?? Tires need to brake in the 100 mile rule seems to be safest although the more you drive the more of this coating stuff will dissipate. Be careful!

Now the rest is likely to be distillation of opinions expressed on the forums. Opinions are diverse and can be IMO broken into 3 categories: (A) ultra high autocrossing maniac performance guys (I do not consider R-compounds) ; ( I do not care if the tires are square as long as they look good guys ( I do not care for these options either); The hey I gotta drive this car every day but still want to have fun guys. 

Bridgestone Potenza RE040 185/55/15 215/45/16
Size: 185/55VR15 Serv. Desc: 81V UTQG: 140 A A Price: $128.00 (each) 
Size: 215/45ZR16 Serv. Desc: 86W UTQG: 140 A A Price: $169.00 (each) 

Bridgestone potenza 040s: my experience with these has been great. I am just shy of 30K on the odometer and my rear tires are near the wear bars 2/32 tread depth. My fronts are much better off 6/32. The practical side of me takes heart from the following statement made by Kulprit

if you don't want to ditch your fronts, just buy a new set of 040's for the rear.....since you're fronts are lasting twice as long as the fronts, both front and rear should be toast at about the same time 

but the cost of these buggers is really high compared to other choices.

Kulprit IMO is one of the most informed person (from what I have read) who has posted on tires due to the fact that he has used a number of different brands. He also makes a great point the stock tires are not bad tires. There are better tires for performance but they have downsides as well. As I have been happy with the 040s, have not had as much wet trouble? and have only swung the a** end around once (resulting from gravel on the curve). I think they fit my driving style well. As far as sidewall thickness compared to my other cars these are stiff. I know there are stiffer ones but do I want that? Bridgestones seem to be expensive choices compared to other brands but being able to get 2 and keeping with the stock set up has a certain appeal.

I am not considering the Advans simply because of the review (now the missing link) it rains a lot here and the 040s seem to be better rain tires. They have positive input. But complaints about wet performance. They are cheaper

$99 for the 185 stock size could not find the 215s do not think they used them when 03-05 came around.

(A) performance crazy tires

I probably missed )(misplaced) some but for the most part I see 2 choices

Falken Azenis RT-615s

This is the tire I would (might get) if I consider autocrossing some this year and taking a few more twisty vacation. I worry a bit about the vibration issues but over all the 9/10s crowd love these things cheap responsive but not recommended highly for a daily drive which in the summer my car is but I like the rawness of the car and this choice seems to be one to make the car more raw.

http://www.1010tires...l=Azenis RT-615

205/50R15W $99.99 
205/40R16 W $109.99 
sizes from this site do allow for stagger!

The Vulcan site 

has more choices
205/50R15 89W $72
215/45R16 86W $95
225/50R16 92W $108

there is also a 195/60R14 86H BUT the H rating is lower than what is recommended and the aspect ratio is too high IMO.

they (Falken) now have some good sizes for our cars, for 03+ at least. 
205/50-15 (21.2 lbs) 
215/45-16 (21 lbs) 

obviously only 10 stagger. I could find no other sizes.

got me a Falken Azenis RT 615. Almost a race tire performance with very good wet traction perfect for your application they have 205 50 15 with very stiff sidewalls. Thread wear is very good at 300. Most review say they are the stickiest street tire you can buy. just ask any autocrossers 

if the road manners of the es100s are not growing on you, than you'll hate the azenis...... azenis are loud azenis vibrate heavily, especially through the steering; they can feel out of balance azenis have steel plates in the sidewalls - very stiff, very heavy, very twitchy the frist two are caused by the large tread blocks....... on the plus side, twitchy & stiff = responsive.......since you'll have the same sized tires all around, and they're not unidirectional, you can actually rotate your tires .......the azenis are cheap.........they grip like glue as long as they're not overheated.......they increase your practical spring rate significantly..........they're much better in the rain than you think..........finally, if you hate them, it's okay - they won't last long!!....... i'm the azenis #1 fan, but for dedicated street-only tires, i like the es100s more.......... 

EDIT new post on these tires 4-07

To summarize these are glue machines and do well in wet have super stiff sidewalls and have sizes that allow for a minimal stagger. They are priced well. Negatives minimal stagger load and harsh for every day use. Not likely to get these based on available sizes I would like to not go any larger than 195s in the front ( I likes twichy)

Hankook RS2 (falken rt615 competitor) 

195/50/15 $64 ON Edge racing (note link shows other choices too) these 195/50/15s were referred to on SC

the 215/45R16 rear are $85

225/50R16 are $83

225/45R16 are $88

treadware is 200 

the RS2s come in 195/50/15 and 225/50/16 as well. You can either go smaller on the front or bigger on the rear to keep the stagger at 20. 

here you can go 30 on the stagger! Would you go 225/50 or 225/45 I would say the latter but anyone beg to differ?

What Hankook says about this tire: The Ventus R-S2 Z212 was created from the successful Ventus RSS Z211 racing design, brought to the street with improved road contact surface area for dry traction and a tread design featuring exceptional water dispersion for wet conditions. The result is a street tire delivering maximum grip with proven Ventus Ultra-High Performance tread compound. 

EDIT 11/07


talks about wet tractions issues afer a few 1000 miles. wet dirvers be forewarned.

These are my choice from this category.

+1 on the hankooks. got mine mounted about a month ago and they're a blast. running 195/50/15 and 214/45/16 on stock rims. edge racing and discount tire both have good prices. 

Hankook makes 215/45/16. Check edgeracing.com I'm running 205/45/16 and 215/45/16 Hankooks and they're great.
hankook Rs2 Z212s at Edge Racing in the same sizes as above for $335.18 

hankook rs2, Falken azenis rt615 = grip

now im torn btwn these for my next set or hankook rs2's in 
205/50-15 245/45-16 

wish there was more info on how those 245s worked out!

RS-2's and I used them for 2 track days, as well as did a friend of mine with a s2000 (his own set, not mine) and we both love the tires. 

EDIT: Paul added this thread on the Hankooks seems to like them so far

upaded negaive on wear 

I've done a little looking around and can't find an answer that really suits my problem. 

Hankook R-S2 
Front: 195/50 15, 26psi, stock alignment 
Rear: 205/50 15, 32psi, stock alignment 

I just bought my Hankook R-s2 tires about 10,000 miles ago. The fronts have used about a quarter of the tread but the rears are just about down to the wear bars. These tires have a 200 treadwear rating so I would anticipate that they should last me at least 20K before they get to this point. 
The alignment is fine and the tires are wearing completely evenly with no flat spots. I check the tire pressure regularly (32psi rear) and don't drive hard, so what gives? 
The problem is that Hankook doesn't have a wear warranty on this particular brand so that's $250 that I have to spend on a new set. I'd prefer to switch out to a new brand, but I don't want to buy four news if the fronts are still in good condition... 
I know that the rears should wear out a little quicker since this is a M/R setup, but come on - 10,000 miles and they're almost gone? 
What do you guys think - solutions? 

better sizes no comments on noise or vibration that I saw

Bridgestone SO3 poles are dead and buried no need to cover further. 

( good all-around daily use performance

lets start with Toyos most popular by my count and most flexible for sizes. Much more positive input from Europe, which is odd. Biggest complaint is the soft sidewall issue hard to know what this is relative to (falken Hankook) or OEM or both! Guys who have these feel free to address this issue. It will help me as these are a possibility. There is safety in number (says the lemming) but the prices are reasonable tread life is good (280) and they are max performance class. I put them here because of the sidewall issues and feel that most people do not put them in the same league with the falken/Hankook crowd.

You can get these at tire rack as well. Since I am on the edge site I just looked there
Toyo Proxes T1r 185/55R15 $70 edge
Toyo Proxes T1r 195/50R15 $72 edge
Toyo Proxes T1r 215/40R16 $98 edge
Toyo Proxes T1r 225/40R16 $109 edge
Toyo Proxes T1r 225/45R16 $107 edge

280 Tread life

Sizes are reasonable I do not know if the 40 is too low an aspect for the 215w. what I found match the chart that xiavier posted (quoted below) 

My preference would be the 185s and 215s but I see many go with 195 225s for 00-05s

Toyos I'm not going to say they are the best street tires out there, but they are one of very few available in sizes that work very well on our cars. Mine is a 2000, so I have 15" wheels all around. I run 195/55/15 front and 215/50/15 rear. I'm headed back to the tire store this week to get a new set. I hope you're right about the price dropping, that's the one reason I was thinking about getting something else. 

Toyo Proxes T1-R, a replacement for the Proxes T1-S which has dry and wet grip that is 25% better whilst both tire life and noise have improved by over 10%. 

The new sizes are suppose to include: 


185/55R15 - 195/45R15 - 195/50R15 - 195/55R15 
205/45R15- 205/50R15 - 205/55R15 - 215/45R15 
215/45R15 - 225/50R15 - 235/50ZR15 


185/50R16 - 195/40R16 - 195/45R16 - 195/50R16 - 195/55R16 
205/45ZR16 - 205/50ZR16 - 205/55ZR16 - 215/40ZR16 - 215/55ZR16 
225/40ZR16 - 225/45ZR16 - 225/55ZR16 - 245/35ZR16- 245/45ZR16 - 245/55ZR16 

Toyo Proxes T1Rs listed as 185/55R15 (frt) and 215/40zR16 reinforced (?) or 215/55zR16 

This toyo quote I am curious as to what would be the “best choice� for as near to stock

Toyo (OFT)They are 195/50-15 and 225/40-16 1-S's the only complaint is with the sidewall stiffness.

Yoko Avs es 100s 
here reasonable sizes. Some love some hate. Soft sidewall is a again a ding from some but is appreciated for daily use by some.
Here is a size chart from the website above

185/60R14 82H
195/60R14 86H
205/60R14 88H
195/50R15 82V
195/55R15 85V
195/60R15 88H
205/50R15 86V
205/55R15 88V
205/60R15 95H
215/60R15 94V
225/50R15 91V
205/45ZR16 87W
205/50ZR16 87W
205/55ZR16 90W
225/45ZR16 93W
225/50ZR16 92W
225/55ZR16 95W
245/45ZR16 94W
P245/50ZR16 96W
205/40ZR17 84W
205/45ZR17 88W 205/50ZR17 93W
215/40ZR17 83W
215/45ZR17 87W
215/50ZR17 91W
225/45ZR17 94W
235/40ZR17 90W
235/45ZR17 97W
245/40ZR17 91W
P245/45ZR17 95W
255/40ZR17 94W
P275/40ZR17 98W
225/40ZR18 88W
225/45ZR18 91W
235/40ZR18 95W
245/40ZR18 93W
245/45ZR18 100W

Size: 195/55VR15 $64 each tire rack
Size: 195/50VR15 $55 each tire rack
Size: 225/45ZR16 $93 each tire rack
Size: 225/50ZR16 $83 each tire rack

[i] ES100's I first got them they felt a little slidey. They got grippier after putting a few miles on them.

This refers to the brake in comments above

i actually like the softness of the es100 on the street, it's more reassuring - it "gives" letting you know before it breaks away.....the perception is of more grip, though in reality the azenis won that battle (they just didn't roll over before dying)....... 

as i said earlier, i think you willl find grip in the es100s, but the sidewalls are relatively soft, but no more so than the 040s imho..............with the 040s i always felt like i was riding on balloons, i was very aware that i had rubber tubes filled with air underneath me...........

I found this comment by Kev very useful as he refers back to OEM.

As does this quote as for the s-03s, since the 040s are a known entity and you liked them, why not just stick with them? sure, lots of people tell you that they like the s-03 better than the 040, but then again lots of people (including me) told you that they liked the es100 better than the 040.........

And tires, I think the Azenis and the A043 were softer tires and not as stiff as the Bridgestones. If you like the stiff feel of the RE040's sidewalls then stick with the Bridgestones. 

Here the 040s are compared as being stiffer than the Falkens but I believe the refereces was to the 215s not the 615’s

Here are some snipits from personal choices

es100 195/55/15 and 225/50/15.

225/50/15 or 225/45/16 offset will have to be close to +40.

205/50/15 FR and 225/45/15 RR

205 front 225/50 rear is fine. I ran 205/225 Toyo RA1s and they were nice. 

run 225/40-16 on stock wheels on a lowered car with no issues at all.

225/40-16, 225/45-16, and 225/50-16 seem to be the general consensus to the question of biggest tire for 16x7.

hankook RS2 Z212s in 195(205)-50-15 on stock wheels.

Honorable mentions (i.e. not that popular not necessarily bad)

dunlop direzzas a couple of months ago.. 195/50-15 front and 215/45-16 rear.

Goodyear Eagle F1's. These are my "winter" tires because our winters are wet. I wanted the best rain tire I could find. I went with 195/50-15 on the front and 215/40-16 on the rears. The rears look small, which doesn't bother me too much but that's a matter of taste. The other choice is 225/50-16 which is over an inch larger in in diameter than stock. 

here the 1 would make difference I think 

Kumho Ecsta SPTs: 195/50/15 (26psi) front 205/50/15 (32psi) rear. ave very soft sidewalls 

BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2's.
BF goodrich g-Force Sport ? good for the money 205/50 15's/f and 225/40 16's/r

set of staggered KDWs (205/45/16 and 225/45/16)

Kumho 712s from Tirerack: 205/50/15 front and 225/40/16 rear. 

[i] Potenza RE-01R 
Available as 185/55R15, 195/50R15 and 205/50R15.

not a perfect match in size, but less than 2% off is the BF Goodrich g_force Sport - check tire rack for 195X50X15 and 215X50X15, price is right and they're not bad tires. OK

Size: 195/50VR15 Price: $74.00 (each) tire rack

Could not find 125 or 225 ( getting tired though)

Finally some links for sizing (reposted from other peoples threads)

results of an old pole here on SC note not many tires missing 

Potenza RE040's 6% [ 4 ]
Potenza S-03s 42% [ 26 ]
Yokohama AVS ES100's 9% [ 6 ]
Goodrich KDW's 1% [ 1 ]
Toyo Proxis T1R's 11% [ 7 ]
Fuzion zri's 0% [ 0 ]
kumho v710's 6% [ 4 ]
Yokohama Advan A043 18% [ 11 ]
Kumho MX 3% [ 2 ]
missing some tires here obviously

Recent C&D review best tires on an M3
BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KD 
Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 
Continental ContiSportContact 2 
Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 
Goodyear Eagle F1 
Hankook Ventus R-S2 Z212 
Kumho Ecsta MX 
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 
Pirelli P Zero Rosso Asimmetrico 
Toyo Proxes T1R 
Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 

Well I have to go to work now and think more as my car sleeps for winter I hope this accumulation of info is helpful to some some people and that I get some input that in turn will be helpful to me.

What I have learned if you like stock ( and can afford them) staying with 040s is not bad

If you want killer performance go with Falken or Hankook

if you do not like twitchy go wider up front but if you like your car keep the stagger at 20-30.

If you want cheaper and better than stock but appreciate a softer sidewall then the Toyos and yokos might be for you.

Anyone who has comments on the less traveled choices please make your voices heard.

And I will end this by asking one more question:

Will 18s fits? ?

12/07 EDIT here is a new link I just found on a tyre comapro has T1R and a few Euro brands check it out!!

also I am adding a link to Darkday's winter tire thread. really good stuff for those of you who drive in the snow


Hi gain 2-29-2008 (leap year woot woot) here is a new link to add

the Bridgestone Potenza G-009 is in the High Performance All Season tires. looks like these are not great too soft for aggressive driving. Please note the all season part. as much as many people try to get tehse to save money given the high wear ratings and the "winter" use possibilities this kind of choice sucks the fun out of the whole spyder experience

Hello again good news good news a new tire by Yoko seems to be a winner. where is the thread enjoy the read


After much research (again) and about a week on them, I am very, very happy with the Yokohama S.drive tires.

The front is very slightly more wide than stock (by a fraction of an inch) and the same size as the S-03. The rear is exact stock size for a 2000-02 Spyder

hese are great tires for sure.. sidewalls shouldn't be as stiff as bridgestones because if not mistaken s03 had metal inserts in the sidewalls. These don't. But they are WAY WAY stiffer than the T1-S.. (don't know just how stiffer the T1-R are from the T1-S so I can't compare)
My rear ones are getting low on thread by now and wet performance is getting bad.
And also, I think that I had too many heat cicles on them as I get the feeling that I'm loosing some grip on the rear.. I've had them for more than 1 year, and they survived 1 trackday with hot climate, and crazy driving in tight montain roads for 1 year period.. so I'm not surprised if the rubber gets messed up. I'm not into understanding eat cicles, but from what I understand the more U heat them up and them cool them off.. (or.. each time U use them hard) the rubber will loose it's qualities.

Another thing that I must say about them, but I've said this before. Is that on track, by the end of each 30min session, they would be overheated and loss in grip was obvious. Dunno how the s03 would hold on, but it's portugal afterall and it was an HOT day. On the last session, it was in the end of the afternoon and sun was low and temps were much lower, they handled like a champ and took all the beating I trowed at them.
Want to look at the stiffness of the sidewalls?
here's a few images that might give a clue:
keep in mind that the pressure in the front tires was quite low, and that those corners were taken at the limit of what I could make the car do.. Wich means, pretty dman™ fast =P

An updated thread on life with the S-drives (july 2008)


I've been reading as a guest for the past year, and thought I'd join in and throw my impressions at you. At 34,000 miles my second set of Advan A043 were at 1/16 in the rear and hydroplaning slightly in heavy rain. I was always impressed with the A043 grip, even at the wear bars, wet and dry. After some research, I ordered 4 new S.drive's from Tire Rack, 195/50-15 front and 205/50-15 rear, for $350 shipped. Immediately after mounting I noticed a dramatic reduction in road impact noise and a dramatic increase in comfort driving over cracks and holes. I drove the car 500 miles and stated pushing the new rubber. At factory inflation, the crisp turn in was softened enough that I was dissapointed- even with going to 50 series in front. After 1000 miles, now pushing the car hard, I have to say ultimate grip is all there, although I have heard cries of protest twice from the front which never happened with the A043's.

My summary- 10% reduction in turn in feel, 20% increase in ride comfort, no change in total grip at max g's.
Good daily driver tire at a good price. I've gotten used to the softer turn in, and the car is more enjoyable in everyday driving.

Oh, since I'm a noob, I can't break the stereotype. I want to put a chevy 350-supercharged- in the spyder. Any links? And I want to use a 20lb propane tank as the nitrus bottle. Will it fit if I remove frunk plastics?

Ok here is the linky from TR

Serv. Desc: 82V
Price: $73.00 (each) 
Estimated Availability:

Serv. Desc: 86V
Price: $89.00 (each) 
Estimated Availability:


Serv. Desc: 82V
Price: $73.00 (each) 
Estimated Availability:

Serv. Desc: 86W

or 225/50ZR16
Serv. Desc: 92W
Price: $103.00 (each) 
Estimated Availability:

although I think this latter one would be too tall.

so pretty good fits for OEM keep 20mm stagger for 03-05 move to 10mm for 00-02
Load Rating XL
Price: $96.00 (each) 
Estimated Availability:
Fewer than 9
Fewer than 11

Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3

195/50VR15 Price: $91.00 (each)

225/50ZR16 price: $89.00 (special)

fronts are V speed backs are W. (like 040s)

these look nice has anyone used these on a spyder is the question!

BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 

here according to tire rack you would need to get 16" up front no 15" are available but with new wheels these could be used.

the BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2 are better sized for stock

205/50ZR15 at $99

225/45ZR16 at $142 

personally I do not want to go 205s if I have the option.

to round off the goodrich 

BFGoodrich g-Force Sport

195/50VR15 Price: $74.00 (each) 

225/50ZR16 Price: $77.00 (each) 

is closer to the mark but again the backs might be too tall for the speedo

215/55ZR16 would also be an option ( at least no wheel gap )

will see if anyone comments on the goodyear they are nice looking and price is not bad.

EDIT check out these generals

General Exclaim UHP:

195/50VR15 Price: $55.00 (each) 

225/50ZR16 Price: $73.00 (each) 
not something I would have looked at but TR gives em 4 stars and survey is very very good. who knows for sure! 

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20 Aug 2018 - 15 sec Уловка .44 - смотреть онлайн или скачать бесплатно полный фильм 2011-гоШазам! Шазам! 2019. . Дамбо (2019). Дамбо
Отзывы о фильме Шазам! 2019 года от зрителей и критикови Шазам. Шазам- это смешное, увлекательное и красочное кино, которое обязательно должно понравиться всей семье.74% (27) Алекс Гуж 1010.
BDRip, HD(720). Смотреть трейлер Смотреть онлайн Адмиралъ (2008). Онлайн просмотрТри богатыря на дальних берегах (2012)
Конец октября полон интересных приключений и новых открытий. Вместе с нашими героями узнаем, кто же самый сильный из Ми-Ми-Мишек и
Афиша мероприятий в Витебске на неделю с 8 по 14 апреля 2019 года: кино, театр, выставки, концерты,Цена: 5,70-6,60. "Дамбо".
В кино с 24 января. Кинопоиск. 0. IMDB. 0. ГОД. 2019. СТРАНА. Россия. РЕЖИСЁР. Владимир Николаев. ВРЕМЯ. 82 мин
Новости мира кино: российские кинопремьеры, информация о, 17:52Шазам! и Стивен Кинг захватили прокат: что смотрят в США.
Немного о фильме Спасти Ленинград: Сентябрь 1941 года.26-02-2019, 17:06. Смотреть онлайн фильм Спасти Ленинград (2019) или скачать через торрент в хорошем Шазам! (2019). Война Анны (2018). Регистрация.
Специфика просмотра в том, что видео в хорошем качестве HD 720 доступно на Ночь страшного суда 1993 смотреть фильм.
Добавлен: 23 февраля 2019 18:45:03. Комментировать. Скачать. Низкое HD 480Кладбище домашних животных. США, 2019. Шазам! США, 2019. Папа
2017 для бесплатного просмотра онлайн в хорошем качестве.вполне себе взрослого супергероя Шазама, а все благодаря древнему волшебнику.фильмы, все что для этого нужно это нормальная скорость интеренета и

Шазам — седьмой фильм в Расширенной вселенной DC. Анонс фильма, актерский состав, интересные факты о съемках. Дата выхода. Трейлер на русском языке Фантастический фильм Шазам выйдет в прокат в апреле 2019 года. Он станет седьмым в расширенной вселенной DC. В основу киноленты легли комиксы DC Comics. Только по комиксам Билли Бэтсон становится Капитаном Марвел. А про него уже снимает полнометражный фильм компания Marvel, поэтому DC решила посвятить свою картину собственному персонажу. Содержание. 1 Сюжет фильма. 2 Актеры и роли. 3 Информация о фильме. 4 Дата выхода фильма Шазам. 5 Трейлер. Сюжет фильма. Главный герой фильма обычный тинэйджер из Филадельфии.
Чарты Shazam. Топ 100. Список. Мировой Топ 100. Самые шазамируемые песни за последнюю неделю. Будущие хиты. Список.
Смотреть ШАЗАМ фильм (2019) фантастика, фэнтези, боевик, приключения. 12 просмотр(ов). 02:15. Shazam! фильм Шазам кино новинки 2019 смотреть онлайн ютуб. 33 просмотр(ов). 02:09. SHAZAM!
Смотреть онлайн Шазам! в хорошем full hd качестве WEBDL- повышенное качество. BDRip - рип с Blu Ray DVD диска. HD - качество 720p. FULLHD - качество 1080p.
Смотреть онлайн . Просмотров: 6696Мнений: 0. 5 Гарри Поттер все части и все серии HD 2019, Зарубежные Детские фильмыПолнометражныеМультфильмы 2001 года Восемь частей Гарри Поттера перенесут вас в невероятный мир волшебства. Главный героймальчик по имени Гарри, он рос сиротой и не догадывался, что его родители были настоящими волшебниками. Правильнее даже сказать, онДобавлено: 720 HD. Смотреть онлайн . Просмотров: 45289Мнений: 0. 4 Супермен шазам (2010) смотреть онлайн. Уведомления о выходе новых серий. При выходе новых серий Вы будете получать уведомления прямо на почту.
Премьера фильма намечена на 4 апреля 2019 года Правда, какие у него способностипока неясно. На первый взгляд Шазам выглядит просто отличноособенно на фоне Титанов и Аквамена, трейлеры которых вышли на прошлой неделе. Премьера фильма намечена на 4 апреля 2019 года. 23 июля 2018. стиль Аксессуары Louis Vuitton. Как надевать жилет, который придумал Вирджил Абло? С этим модным аксессуаром легко попасть в просак, но мы вас не бросим. Вот наглядная инструкция.
-4 6. Смотреть онлайн Шазам! (2019) в хорошем качестве HD 720. Смотреть онлайн. Трейлер. Вконтакте (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве на андроид (Android с поддержкой HLS), а также на i OS (iPhone, iPad). Кадры из фильма. Рекомендуем к просмотру Лето 84 Детектив, Драма, Триллер, Ужасы. Загадочная семья Детектив, Драма, Триллер. Отзывы - 0. Вы уже посмотрели фильм? Предлагаем вам поделится своим впечатлением от увиденного! Ваш отзыв будет полезен зрителям, которые еще только собираются смотреть. Оставить комментарий. Отправить комментарий.
ШАЗАМ (2019). Самые новые факты о фильме. Роль ШАЗАМА в киновселеннои DC. Сегодня мы поговорим о фильме "ШАЗАМ" который выйдет на экраны уже весной 2019 года. Пока в Киновселенной Похожие мультфильмы: Шазам мультфильм смотреть. Смотреть мультфильм шазам. Смотреть мультфильм шазам все серии. Полнометражный мультфильм шазам. Добавить комментарий Отменить ответ. Ваш e-mail не будет опубликован.
Мультирейтинг к фильму Шазам! онлайн бесплатно. 0 Посмотрите подборку, после просмотра Шазам! онлайн бесплатно. IMDb: . Ворон (2019). 1 сезон 1-8 серия. КП: 7.79 IMDb: 7.9. Смерть в раю (2011). 1-8 сезон 1-8 серия.
Смотреть видео Шазам! Разбор трейлера и все детали фильма. набесплатно. 343, 774. 29, 871395 Marvel DC: Geek Movies1 нд. СкачатьКонвертировать. Поделиться этим видео Шазам! — Русский тизер-трейлер (2019). Что показали в трейлере 'Фантастические Твари 2: Преступления Гриндевальда'Гарри П Все киногрехи 'Хищник'. Кто такой ШАЗАМ!Капитан Марвел? (Infinite Crisis, Injustice, DC Comics) Как трейлеры аквамен и шазам перевернули моё мнение. 12 Фактов Шазам! Что показали в трейлере 'Шазам!Shazam! Добавлено: 5 дн Cut The Crap 5 дн. Люди Икс уже в Marvel! Лучшие новые трейлеры фильмов 2018 (29-я неде Добавлено: 2 нд. В Рейтинге 2 нд.
Завтра воскресенье 14 апреля 2019. Послезавтра понедельник 15 апреля 2019. Через 2 дня вторник 16 апреля 2019. Через 3 дня среда 17 апреля 2019. Через 4 дня четверг 18 апреля 2019. Через 5 дней пятница 19 апреля 2019. Расписание на эту дату еще не сформировано кинотеатром. 1000 Фильм: Шазам! (2D, 12+). Выбранный сеанс. воскресенье, 14 апреля, 10:25. Зал: Зал 3 - Classic.
Shazam, a music identification service popular with smartphone owners, today issued a nice update to both its free and paid i Phone apps. For starters, Shazam versionintegrates better with iOS 6 by invoking the standard system sheet when sharing tags to Facebook (really, what took so long?). More importantly, you can now record audio snippets offline for later matching, something Ive been yearning for since the dawn of time. Google+ sharing is also supported, as is searching by name, title, tag date or location.

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